Q4 2018
Finalise protocol specs
Q1 2019
POCs Launch
Q2 2019
Release Testnet (Alpha)
Q3 2019
Release Testnet (Beta)
Q4 2019
Testnet Improvement
Integration with existing dApps
Q1 2020
Mainnet Launch
Support More Ecosystem Adoption
Advisors & Investors
Bo Shen
Founding Partner
Fenbushi Capital
David Su
Managing Partner
Matrix Partners China
Koh Waikit
Investment, Pavilion Capital
ex -Director, Temasek Holdings
Yinglan Tan
Founding Managing Partner, Insignia Ventures
ex-Sequoia China Venture Partner
Quek Siu Rui
Co-Founder & CEO
Jefrey Joe
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Alpha JWC Ventures | Harvard Business School
Samuel Chan
Vice President, Trader, Asian FX & Interest Rates
ING  | University of Michigan
Kevin Li
Co-Founder & CEO
ex-Principal Researcher, AT&T | Adjunct Professor
Will Ongkowidjaja
Co-founder & Managing Partner, Alpha JWC
 Forbes | Harvard Business School
Khoo Lay Seng
Director, Investments at Khazanah Nasional
Imperial College London
Li Jianwei
Managing Partner at Zhencheng Investment
Vice President of Sequoia Capital | Beijing University
Chandra Tjan
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Alpha JWC Ventures | East Ventures
Aaron Tan
Co-Founder & CEO
Carro | Carniege Mellon University
Fei Ding'an
Principal at Warburg Pincus
 New Enterprise Associates | Amherst College
Kenneth Oh
Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk
Reynold Wijaya
Modalku and Funding Societies | Harvard Business School
Loi Luu
Kyber Network
Chandler Guo
Angel Investor, OCN Adviser
Bitcoin God Founder
Shi Yi
ODYSSEY (OCN), Cosima (DATx) Chief Advisor
DotC United Group
Koh Boon Hwee
ex-GIC Board of Director
Khazanah Nasional | Imperial College London, Harvard Business School
Gwendolyn Regina
Entrepreneur & Investor
Strategy, BD, Product, Marketing | Entrepreneur First
Team Members
Jake Goh
Co-Founder & CEO
BD. Economics & Technopreneurship,
Lim Jing Rong
Co-Founder & CTO
BsC. Computer Science, NUS
Davis Gay
Co-Founder & CTO
BsC. Computer Science, NUS
Albert Ho
Chief Strategy Officer
BBA. Business Administration, 
Vernon Chong
Chief Operating Officer
Pavilion Capital | LLB. Law,
Sng Yunting
Comms & Relations Lead
B.A. English Literature, NUS
Benjamin Ong
Product & Strategy Lead
MasterCard | BBA. Banking & Finance, NTU
Norman Au
Finance Lead
BBA. Accounting & Finance, NUS
Chang Li Ying
Community Manager
B.A Chinese Studies, NTU
Andre Khong
Software Engineer
B.E. Information & Communications Technology, SIT
Bernard Quek
Backend Engineer
BsC. Computer Science, NUS
Lu Yu
Frontend Engineer
BsC. Computer Science, NUS
Waihon Chee
Senior Blockchain Engineer
BsC. Business Analytics, NUS
Wu Di
Full Stack Engineer
BsC. Computer Science, NUS
Magdalene Huang
UIUX Designer
B.A. Industrial Design, NUS
Adarrel Ho
UIUX Designer
B.A. Industrial Design, NUS
Eunice Er
Growth & Marketing
B.A. Industrial Design, NUS
Louis Tjong
Graphic Designer
Illustration & Animation, NAFA
Based in Singapore
Made up of 8 individuals with specialized skill sets ranging from finance, marketing and technology.
Supported by top investors
Bridging enterprises to blockchains